Meet Jewelyn

Every day, as parents, teachers, and role models, we build the future for Alexandria's children. To give our city's children their best opportunity, we must all raise our expectations for our public schools and raise our demands about the investments that our students and teachers deserve. A strong public school system benefits every Alexandrian. As a community, we benefit when our students and teachers succeed.

Jewelyn Cosgrove for School Board


Student-Centric Policy Approaches

The school board's number one constituency is Alexandria's students--your sons, daughters, grandchildren, neighbors. In all decisions, our focus should be on what we adults can do to improve how our children learn.

  • Increase access to early childhood education to prepare children to learn on day one.
  • Address ongoing inequities in discipline; support restorative practices.
  • Attract and retain quality staff with competitive pay rates, resources, and training.
  • Ensure every child feels safe, engaged, challenged, and supported.
  • Provide specialized support and resources to promote academic achievement.

Responsible Budgeting

Budgets reflect our priorities. We must ensure an optimal and equitable learning environement for our students. We can't neglect the basics, like our ongoing maintenance needs.

  • Creatively address budget constraints in collaboration with ACPS staff, school administrators, teachers, and parent organizations.
  • Prioritize maintenance issues, such as drainage and HVAC challenges.
  • Assess capital spending priorities to ensure responsible allocation of tax dollars.
  • Improve collaboration and reestablish trust with city council and other stakeholders.

Creative Partnerships

With a little creativity and a lot of community engagement, we can build an even brighter future for all Alexandrians. This is especially important in a constrained fiscal environment. With innovative models and partnerships, we can address challenges in thoughtful, strategic ways.

  • Work collaboratively with other city departments to leverage resources and facilities.
  • Expand workforce development, career preparation, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Rejuvenate community engagement to support all children and families.